The second major WordPress release of the year dropped today; WordPress 4.9 brings a range of improvements and enhancements.See them all here. This is what’s new in WordPress 4.9.

WordPress 4.9 is like every major WordPress update, in that the community has been circling it since the announcement was made. The list of potential enhancements and features has got everyone buzzing again!
It was made clear early that there wouldn’t be a focus on Gutenberg for this release – Gutenberg will be the driver behind WordPress 5.0 next year. However, WordPress 4.9 is one for the loyalists with a couple of additions that have been waiting eight years for inclusion. This WordPress 4.9 release is an opportunity to clear the decks in preparation for Gutenberg watershed sometime next year. In that light, the changes that we see here are overwhelmingly user oriented. With a strong desire to help users with editing and management.

The Scheduler and DraftSaver

The Customizer was always great for going through with big changes. But those changes had to be done en masse, and they went live as soon as you clicked the save button. Not particularly great from a visitor’s point of view.One of the great things about working in the updated Customizer of WordPress 4.9 is the ability to save and schedule changes.Basically, if the new features are actors then the new scheduler is Morgan Freeman; loved by all.

The updated Customizer has replaced the Save & Publish button. You will now see Publish with a cog next to it. When you click on the cog, you open a menu with some new options: Save Draft, Schedule, Publish. This will give you the same level of control that you have in the main dashboard with your regular content.Having this kind of functionality in the Customizer helps reduce the workload. Anything that has a time limit or is time sensitive can now be handled without needing to sit by the computer and time your Save & Publish to perfection.If you need to share changes with others then you can now get the draft link right from the Customizer, too.

The CodeSyntax Error Highlighter

CodeMirror is back after eight years in the wilderness. It is not for us to rank the various new features, but if we were then this would be a close second, very close.This is a huge improvement for all users. Who of us hasn’t added a ton of code only to Save & Publish to the sound of crickets? The change is not there. You might try the odd refresh, but really this is just a Hail Mary. You just know it in your bones that your code is missing a ; somewhere.

Well, the new feature in WordPress 4.9 will highlight the mistake and even give you a hint about the missing element, incomplete function, or faulty syntax.

This is a great move, particularly to help the novice developer when they write code. For the more confident WordPress-ers, the option can be switched off in the Profile page.

Additionally Widgets got a better Gallery and a lot security features were implemented. WP 4.9 is available for update already.